About Chota Dhobi Laundry Solutions Pvt Ltd. (CDLS)

At CDLS, we are revolutionizing the commercial laundry landscape in India, providing swift, reliable, hygienic, and affordable laundry solutions tailored for hostel students across residential schools, colleges, and universities. Our imported laundry systems boast various washer and dryer models, delivering the pinnacle of commercial laundry technology with enhanced options and unparalleled convenience.

Headquartered in vibrant Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with a strategic presence in Ambattur Industrial Estate, our Chennai office seamlessly covers most of the southern states. As we grow, our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to establish additional hubs in key cities nationwide.

Our Expansion Journey:

Bangalore: Our office/warehouse caters to the laundry needs of the entire Karnataka State.

Pune: Expanding our third office to serve the educational institutions in the western region.

Hyderabad: Expanding our fourth hub to cater to the mid part of India

Kolkata: Growing our fifth hub to reach institutions in the East & North Eastern regions.

Chandigarh (Upcoming): Studying options for our sixth hub to cover Northern Institutions.


At CDLS, laundry is our expertise, and our vision is to provide a quick, reliable, hygienic, and affordable laundry solution to diverse sectors and segments throughout India. With a robust team of professionals and well trained technicians, we aim to elevate the laundry experience for all, with a special focus on benefiting the student segment—one load at a time.